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Guinea Pig Bridge!

On Everyday


At PAW (Pet Animal World)

Entry Fee for PAW: 500yen / person

You can see the adorable going home rush of guinea pigs on the bridge.

Crawfish Masters (Let's fish crawfishes)

On April 29 - November 1. (Saturday and Sunday and holidays)

Open 10:30am to 3:30pm

At Andes Square

Entry Fee:300yen / person (Time limit 20min.)

How many crawfishes can you fish in the time limit?
(It is prohibited to take crawfishes home. )


Feeding time for animals

Around the Zoo

You can see the Zoo keeper feeding animals written below.

  • Black Lemur (11:00 am);
  • Oriental Small-crawed Otter (11:15 am);
  • Giraffe (11:45 am);
  • American Beaver (3:15 pm);


Hand-feeding large animals

On Saturday,Sunday and holidays.

Charge: 100yen / person

  • Hippopotamus 11:30 am & 3:30 pm
  • Brazilian Tapir 2:00 pm


Tryout! Cook pizza.

On Everyday

At Restaurant Quena

11:00am/1:30pm (reservation required)

1600yen(include drink) *300 yen discount on production of the BIO PASS.


Making Pizza

The picture shown this page may not be exact. Please understand that any of exhibitions and events may be cancelled without notice depending on the weather and the condition of the animals.

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