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Petting Capybara


Biopark is known as "Paradise of Capybara" in Japan.

About 20 Capybara lives in a large field. Visitors can get into the field, touch any time and even feed if you buy the food. They are originally gentle and they have become very familiar to humans in Biopark. So you do not need to be afraid.
Please approached slowly so as not to scare them, please gently scratch them. You and capybara will be good friends soon.
There are special way to scratch to please capybara. Please see the video on the top of this page.
It is a way of stroking Capybara found by our staff and recently many fun are enjoying it. The important point is scratching the butt. They do not have a tail, but there is a place like a trail of a tail. They feel very comfortable when you scratch there. Capybara becomes fluffy gradually and lie down and sleep at the end. Please look at a happy sleeping face.

There is a famous bath for capybara too. Please see this page about it.

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