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Feeding Time for Animals



Zookeepers give one-point explanations while feeding the animals is held every day!
Let's join what kind of food the animals eat and how they eat it!

10:30am Lemurs
11:00am Small-clawed Otter
11:45am Giraffe
3:30pm American Beaver

Location : Each exhibit yard
Times are subject to change.

Feeding the large animals



Feed the large animals for weekends and holidays only.
Experience feeding the Brazilian tapir, Malayan tapir, and hippopotamus!

Event date and time: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Location : Each exhibit yard
Fee: 200 yen/feed
1:00pm Malayan tapir
2:00pm Brazilian tapir
3:30pm Hippopotamus
*About 30 minutes each

Crawfishing Experience (Spring to Autumn)



This is a very popular annual event. It is easy for everyone if you know how to do it! Let's see how many you can catch in the 20-minute time limit. This is a chance for fathers who used to catch crawfish as children to show their skills! Some of the adults may even get addicted to the crayfish while the kids are distracted!
***You cannot take the crawfish home with you.***

Late April to Late July: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Late July to end of October : Every day
November to Late April: Dormant season
*Canceled in case of rain
Location: Pond of Andes
Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm (registration closed)
Entry fee: 300 yen per fishing-rod (time limit 20 minutes)

Capybaras' open-air bath (Winter only)


Capybara’s open-air bath

The capybaras will show you their cute, heartful expressions in the warm bath! At BIO PARK, there are no boundaries between the capybaras and humans, so you will be able to see them right in front of you.
Also, the "Zabon-no-yu" (hot spring bath with floating huge citrus "Zabon"), held around the winter solstice is recommended.

Period: November 26 to February 28
Time: 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Location: Capybara exhibit yard

Watermelon Time for Animals (Summer Only)



A hot event in midsummer! Watermelons, the fruit of summer, will be eaten by the animals.
A hippopotamus snaps a whole watermelon with its big mouth. The capybaras show their aggressive side, whereas they are usually so laid back. The raccoons use their dexterous hands to eat the watermelon.
How do the animals eat the watermelon? This is a must-see event.

Period: Late July to Mid August
*Please note that the event is held only on certain days of the week.
11:30am Hippos (Saturday and Sunday)
1:30pm Capybaras (Sunday only)
2:00pm Raccoons (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
3:30pm Hippos (Every day)

Location : Each exhibit yard

Guinea Pig Bridge

Watch as the many guinea pigs cross the specially built bridge in single file back to their bedrooms! Don't worry if they get stuck in traffic!

Location: Pet Animal World (PAW)
Date & Time: Everyday 4:30pm